PDF copy available here.

President Dellwo called the January 8th, 2019 meeting to order at 0805 hours.

Present were: President Dellwo, Vice President LeDoux, North Braaten, South Miles, Secretary Harjes, Treasurer Berglund, 2100 Zynda, 2200 Cornish, 2300 Larsen, 2400 Theel, 2500 Fredell, 2600 Beasley, 2700 Carlson, 2800 Weinrich, 2900 Hanson, 3100 Pearson, 3200 Danielson, Business Manager Baker.

Absent: 2000 Grothem

New 3100 District Delegate, Travis Pearson SP418 sworn in.

Motion to accept the October 2018 minutes:  Motion by 2900 Hanson, Seconded by 2600 Beasley:CARRIED

Chief’s time:

1015:  Colonel Langer and Lt Col. Schrofer arrived.

Alternate list exhausted. Academy size is now at 45. The academy is being held at the EMTC building this year. Credit to Staff Officers for no injuries during the icy “Day One” morning. LETO process opens up Jan 14th. Hennepin Tech LETO costs went up significantly. We are moving to the LETO program to Rasmussen College for this next hiring process. It went out for bid and Hennepin Tech never put a bid in for the contract.

Mark Peterson’s incident on I94. Suspect pled guilty to 1stDegree Attempted Murder & Felon in possession, will be sentenced on February 25th.

A significant amount of work has been done on the EVOC policy. A workgroup consisting of Supervisors and EVOC instructors was assembled to work on the new policy and assemble the training. The draft is becoming very close to final form. The Colonel believes the updated policy isn’t going to shock Troopers.

MNDOT is not making road signs for Retired Troopers anymore or for MNDOT employees. Advanced Graphics could make a replica sign for retirements or other purposes.

Not sure how date was picked for Lieutenant’s test. It wasn’t the best day for an exam with the busy travel holiday.

Recruiter position has been filled. EVOC position reposted, interest has been generated with the repost of the job role.

3100 Captain Silcox and 2100 Captain Holm are retiring early this year. No lateral interest, but solid promotional interest in both districts. 2 additional metro lieutenant positions being added in the metro and one in Mankato. It’s time to add additional spots to ensure there are always a metro lieutenant working in the metro. Lots of opportunities for advancement coming.

90thAnniversary coming up this year. Colonel would like a few board members from the MSPTA to be a part of the group to plan for the 90thAnniversary, including Retired Troopers Day.

Myron Lofgren passed away on December 30th. He made significant contributions to our agency’s reconstruction program and traffic safety.

We don’t have a set compliment in our agency. There is no number set anywhere that indicates how many Troopers we should have in our agency.

In-Service will have a nutritionist to speak to Troopers for an hour. Contract with a woman out of Brainerd that has worked with officers.

The new Governor has been sworn in as of yesterday. The executive protection detail has done a fantastic job of making our agency proud and transitioning to the new Governor.

The new commissioner came to DPS headquarters early Monday morning. Colonel thinks we’ll be in a great position in our agency with the administration changes. Colonel is excited for the new commissioner and the changes that may come.

State unit crashes are down. Thank you.

Hands free cell phone policy is coming to our agency. Discussions will occur early in the legislative process on hands free. Colonel wants to be the lead with the organizational change. Around 225 aftermarket hands free devices are being ordered for the state units that do not have Ford Sync Bluetooth systems.

Questions for the Chief


3200: No questions

3100: No questions

 2900: Anything new regarding the staffing situation for infrastructure planning across northern Minnesota?
CHQ: There is no new information to report. Plan your vacations, do not worry about it.

 2800: What is the current dispatch situation in Roseville?
CHQ: We’re continuing to work on the staffing situation there. Colonel will get the number of dispatchers that they are down.
CHQ update: Across both centers, 6 currently in training, 17 open positions and 10 job offers going out this week.

2800: Comments regarding the last Police One Training that was pushed out to Troopers, what were your thoughts on it? Concerned with the message that the cop was shot and continually tries to deescalate the situation instead of responding with deadly force.
CHQ: Online training is something we have to embrace as an agency. To be effective with online training is tough. It’s a huge challenge to do that with an agency as geographically diverse as we are. I want to try as hard as we can to provide valuable training. I’m fearful that future training will become “check the box” type training like blood borne pathogen trainings.

2800: Thanks for the press conference about the pursuit in the metro. We appreciate you standing behind the Troopers. There were a lot of tough questions in there.
CHQ: I appreciate the comments. We worked really hard on that to position ourselves where we need to be.

 2700: Could we look at jump packs again as a safety issue to get cars off the road quicker? It’s been brought up recently at equipment committee meetings.
CHQ: Can you look at your usage and record it in CAD to capture data so we can put some numbers to it?
CHQ Follow-up: Captain Lemon will ask 2730 Troopers to notify the District Office of CAD events where a jump pack would have provided value. We will assess procuring jump packs along with other equipment needs in the future.

 2700: Smartphones have been mentioned before. Is there any more thought to these?
CHQ: There are positives and disadvantages. I’d like to keep it in consideration.

2700: Could we get insurance information on 28 returns like other states do?
CHQ: Not sure if DVS had the authority to do that. Will check.
CHQ Follow-up: This could be viewable on a 28 returned in the squad, but it would require substantial reprogramming by DVS and the BCA. As a side note, the information would only be as good as what is provided at the time of registration/renewal. It would not track expirations or changes in insurance companies that occur between registration renewals.
VP Follow-up: Emergency contact information on DL records
CHQ: Will pass request it along to DVS.
CHQ Follow-up: This would require legislation to add emergency contact information.

2700: Cameras in the Duluth area are not up to par to with what is in the metro. They don’t have the same system as the metro apparently.
CHQ: I’ll look into it.
CHQ Follow-up: The pods need additional hardware, but are all prewired for the additional hardware. This hardware was requested a few months ago, John McClellan with MNDOT will check the status of the order. One set was requested for Duluth and one for either DL or Brainerd District.

2700: Could we get the number of formal internal/external IA complaints, exonerated and sustained?
CHQ: I will get the numbers.
CHQ Follow-up:

Sustained Not Sustained Exonerated Pending Discontinued
Internal Complaint 5 1 4 1
External Complaint 2 6


2700: Troopers have been worried aboutstate unit crashes showing up on 45 returns.
CHQ: DVS was implementing the change. That issue has been resolved.

2600: No questions.

2500: Could we modify the personal grooming policy to be more reflective of the people we serve?
CHQ: I don’t support beards on a State Trooper.

2500: After years of increased metro population growth, why haven’t metro stations exponentially increased in numbers?
CHQ: It’s what the budget allows us to have. Thinks there will be an opportunity for change with the new commissioner. I wish we had more Troopers in the metro to be more proactive instead of reactive as well.
South Follow-up: Are Captains looking at data for when we look at new station assignments for new Troopers?
CHQ: They do look at this data, but less so in the previous few years. For instance, the data would never support 3 Troopers in Grand Marais.

2500: Why doesn’t MNDOT take a proactive approach to prepping roads ahead of winter storms.
CHQ: Colonel will be curious to see how things shift with the new commissioner at MNDOT. We’ve got a great relationship with MNDOT.

2500: Can a Trooper be disciplined if they never participate in a pursuit?
CHQ: You will not be disciplined for a decision to end a pursuit in the new policy. Colonel is supportive of making good decisions while involved in a pursuit such as discontinuing. Colonel cautions against a juvenile approach of never participating in a pursuit again.

2400: Comment regarding flight staffing issues.
CHQ: I’m well aware of the staffing issues in flight.

2400: Why do we need to wear uniform home after going through combatives at Ripley?
CHQ: That’s been changed for Spring In-Service.

2400: You brought this up earlier, but just some feedback on the lieutenant test and why it was picked for one of the busiest travel days of the year. Many schedules were adjusted, taking many Troopers off the road that day. I think a major portion that is missing from the test is communication and a mock scenario element like St Paul. Why wasn’t it reposted for all?
CHQ: I am very unhappy with our vendor. We will be looking for a different test vendor. What direction we take that is not known right now. The science behind the test is impeccable for what we look for in our supervisors. Opportunity to look at it during the off season to see what we can do to improve the test.
VP Follow-up: Hate to see the job knowledge removed from any test going forward.
CHQ: It will not be removed.
VP Follow-up: Regarding the EVOC and Recruiter position, could it have been opened up for a larger pool outside of the metro with advancements with technology?
CHQ: There are benefits to having a metro-based Recruiter due to the amount of job fairs, working with communications and conducting presentations. The EVOC position was posted for both Shoreview and Camp Ripley.

2400: Are you concerned with the lack of interest in the original EVOC position job posting?
CHQ: Yes. The Colonel is concerned.

2400: Why don’t all alternate cadets start on Day one?
CHQ: It’s kind of what we’ve done in the past. We have to have a create the position control number and intentionally hire them. We can start as many as we want, but we have to justify that we have the funds to keep all of them.

2300: No questions

2200: What are your thoughts on the new Commissioner Harrington and our future?
CHQ: The Colonel isn’t worried about the potential changes with the new commissioner. The academy function of our agency is very important and relates to issues we deal with on a daily basis as State Troopers. This job is very different than a local agency. Commissioner Dohman had good questions about agency as well. She ended up being very supportive of the State Patrol. Colonel is optimistic with this change.

2200: Will we ever see a formal request for a fitness standard? We’ve never had a conversation about it.
CHQ: It has never formally come across the bargaining table with MMB. We need to get serious about Trooper health.

2200: Do you know if they will let you take a position on staying in the trunk highway fund vs the general fund if that is proposed this session?
CHQ: We should stay in the trunk highway fund. I hope it doesn’t change, as it is where we belong as an agency.

2100: Are you aware of the load bearing vest study conducted by University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and the health benefits to an officer – compared to duty belt?
CHQ: I’m not aware of it, but would like to see it. I will check with Lt Zak.

2000: Not present

North:No Questions

South: Troopers are disappointed with how the contract process is going. Could you share what you have done to get this settled or at least come back to the table? Will you advocate to the new commissioner?
CHQ: Colonel is an advocate for settling the contract as well. He has no authority to speed up the process or call the groups back together. Absolutely will advocate to the new commissioner.

Secretary: No Questions

Treasurer: No Questions

Vice-President: Non-retirement separations for 2018.
CHQ: I can look into getting get that from HR.
CHQ Follow-up: 17 non-retirement Troopers

Vice-President:Can we look at posting some overtime shifts in stations working short as a result of promotions? With a person leaving as a result of promotion (Recruiter), and potentially another one leaving to 4700, there will be open shifts and they will be filled by shuffling bodies around instead of filling with overtime.
CHQ: I understand the staffing issues. Every district has a staffing issue that should be at the top of list.

Vice-President: We are looking forward to this session, does the agency have any other major priorities this session?
CHQ: Due to the legislative transition this year, there is some cleanup we’d like to do to language with wheel chair securement in school buses, but no major agency initiatives this year are planned.

President: No Questions

Presidents Time

As a reminder, we are members of the Minnesota Association for Injured Police Officers. They are a great resource for Troopers. Sometimes Troopers injured on duty get told you can and can’t do certain things, but when CorVel gets a call from a lawyer, they have been much easier to deal with. Don’t sign anything and talk to your delegate for guidance before moving forward with anything.

MPPOA Update

The change in MPPOA executive leadership caught the MSPTA Executive Council by surprise and was poorly communicated. Discussion on the importance that future Trooper MPPOA Board members also be on the MSPTA Executive Council for improved communication between the two associations.

Janus bylaw changes will hopefully be coming this summer during summer conference.

Internal Affairs

President Dellwo gave an overview of the 2018 Internal Affairs complaints filed against our members and the outcomes.

POST Board Update

  • Mark Fahning provided an e-mail update on the POST board to the board.
  • Previous Governor wanted a model policy for sex assault crimes.
  • The board is looking at how training programs can be improved.
  • The board has a projected shortfall in their budget.
  • Interesting fact: State Troopers have never come before the complaint committee at the POST Board since Mark has been on the board.

Charitable Donations / Upcoming Events:

Motion to participate in Wishes & More by purchasing a $2200 table. Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED
Attendees: 2800 Weinrich, 2500 Fredell, 3100 Pearson, President Dellwo & TBD.

Motion to purchase $10 Caribou gift cards for all State Patrol Dispatchers for 911 Dispatcher Week. Estimated to be around $750.Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED

Motion to sponsor a $2500 Lieutenant level table at Backing the Blue Line Ball, May 18th, 2019, includes 6 tickets. Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED
Attendees: 2200 Cornish, 2400 Theel & 2800 Weinrich

Motion to donate $4000 to the House of Shields in Rochester. Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED

Motion to contribute $400 to Bears that Care. Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED

Motion to contribute $4000 to 2019 MSPTA Golf Tournament.  Motion by 2400 Theel, Seconded by North Braaten:CARRIED

Motion to donate $1000 to Alexandria Technical College. Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED

Motion to donate $250 to MN 100 Club. Motion by 2800 Weinrich, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED

Motion to give a $250 Visa Gift card to Jay Sletten for taking his time to maintain the classic car fleet.Motion by 2200 Cornish, seconded by 2100 Zynda: CARRIED

National Troopers Coalition Spring Conference – Scottsdale, Arizona – April 1-3th
Attendees: Dellwo , LeDoux & Braaten

MPPOA Spring Legislative Conference – Two Harbors, MN – Feb 8th& 9th
Attendees: Dellwo, LeDoux, Theel, Carlson, Cornish and Weinrich

MPPOA Washington DC Congressional Conference – March 6-8th
Attendees: Dellwo, LeDoux and Carlson

MPPOA Summer Conference – June 8-10th
Attendees: Dellwo, LeDoux, Miles, Harjes, Beasley, Theel, Hanson, Cornish, Carlson, Pearson and Larsen.

Treasurers report:

Treasurer Berglund went over the budget report and answered questions on line items.

Motion to approve budget report.Motion by 2900 Hanson, seconded by South Miles: CARRIED


  • Article deadline was Jan 1st.
  • Thank you for getting articles into Mark.
  • Will include information on 2019 MSPTA Golf Tournament
  • Information on the location change for Retired Troopers Day also will be included (Coyote Moon Golf Course, St. Cloud, MN).


  • One outstanding grievance still pending in District 2500.


  • Increase in cost to survivor benefit.
  • You cannot leave less than 50% to your survivor unless they sign off on it.
  • Troopers should utilize the MSRS website to estimate future benefits.
  • Consider the differences between a Post tax Roth plan vs a Pretax Deferred Compensation plan.
  • State sponsored Roth accounts through MSRS, cannot be withdrawn until you reach 59.5 years old.
  • Third party Roth accounts (not through the State), the max contribution increased to $6,000 per year.
  • MSPTA educates but does not give financial advice to members on their investments.
  • Make sure you have a will – there are some people out there that do them for free for First Responders.
  • Life insurance through the State – is decent insurance when you’re young.
    • Term policies outside of the state tend to be better than the state plan.
    • Your life insurance through the state will automatically go up with your age (every 5 years).

Equipment Committee:

  • New winter hats are in with the liner, must specify when ordering.
  • Early wearing/quality issues with new Spiewak uniform shirts.
  • New radar units coming in soon
  • More LIDAR units in (ProLaser 4), down to 32.
  • WSI – The new vendor for cold weather turtle necks – a Minnesota company.
    • WSI has a discount password for Troopers on all of their apparel items they manufacture.
    • wsisports.com
    • 30% off pricing code: mntrooper30
  • Full order of Chargers for 2020, hoping for a rough 50/50 split down the road between Explorers.
  • Throw rope – checking on pricing
  • Samples of external vest were present for District Investigators.
  • New rifle locks in squads that need them
  • Testing out rhino push bars
  • No radio encryption in our cars
  • New riot sticks, slightly shorter
  • Traffic Stop alert timer, currently at 12 minutes.
  • Removable lightbar blowing off vehicles at highway speeds – Troopers getting preventable crashes/incidents.
    • Will be brought back to committee – find a piece of equipment that works, or don’t issue it out.

Motion to adjourn on Day One at 1645. Motion by 2700 Carlson, seconded by 2600 Beasley: CARRIED


President Dellwo called the January 8th, 2019 (Day 2) meeting to order at 0800 hours.

Legislative Committee:
The Legislative Delegates Dellwo, LeDoux, Cornish and Miles will remain active at the Capitol again this session.  President Dellwo briefed the Executive Council on the 2019 MSPTA legislative initiatives.

Remember the 3 hours of vacation donation by members allows us to spend time at the Capitol lobbying for important issues to the membership

Negotiations Committee:

Nothing new to report. Currently waiting for lead negotiator to return from Paid Parental Leave to move forward to arbitration hearings. The state can always come back to the table in the meantime to negotiate.

Phone Solicitation

United Partners Outreach presentation by Bruce Clark. United Partners Outreach conducts the phone solicitation for the Trooper’s Association. United Partners Outreach runs a high-quality operation that is used by many agencies nationwide. They have a very well-run operation that makes each employee accountable for their discussions with potential donors.

Any reports of issues should be directed to Secretary Harjes to forward to UPO for review and resolution.

Home Association:
Motion to repurchase 500 maroon lined squad car/helicopter ceramic mugs.These can be purchased from your District Delegate once in stock. Motion by 2900 Hanson, seconded by 2700 Carlson: CARRIED

Committee selection for joint 90thAnniversary committee.
Vice President LeDoux, 2800 Weinrich, President Dellwo, Secretary Harjes and 2900 Hanson were selected.

New Business:

3200: None

3100: None

2900: None

2800: None

2700: Have we done any parting or retirement gifts to boards members that leave?
Secretary: Currently, we have been giving retiring board members $50 Visa gift cards for their service.

2600: For the regular MSPTA members that are down at the Capitol, is there a uniform allowance?
President: Yes. There is a $600 per member per year for uniform allowance for purchasing clothing to be used at the Capitol. MSPTA legislative delegates only used $21 from this allowance last year.

2600: When the contract is settled and that information is available, are we able to talk more freely about what was done during the contract negotiation process and send that out via e-mail? We have talked about the importance of contacting your legislator, can we encourage members to contact their representative on important MSPTA political issues using the e-mail to start that process, having district delegates follow up that conversation.
President: Yes.

2500: None

2400: Brought up overnight shift differential pay issues.
Vice-President: Will be brought up again in the next round of negotiations. MSPTA tried to change the court cancellation notice to noon the previous day instead of 1600 hours during last round of negotiations.

2300: None

2200: None

2100: None

2000: None

North: None

South: None

V.P.: If you are found to be violating the new DVS policy on running Driving Licenses and lose access to the database the argument could be made that you can no longer perform the essential functions of the job. Please don’t do it!

Secretary: None

Treasurer: None

President: CVI Bill Christ passed away yesterday. 2700 Carlson will handle flowers.

Upcoming Dates:

  • MPPOA Spring Conference – Feb 8-9th
  • MPPOA DC Fly-In Conference March 6-8th
  • National Troopers Coalition Spring Conference – April 1-3rd
  • Equipment Committee Meeting – April 8th
  • Spring Executive Council Meeting – St. Cloud, MN – April 9th
  • Academy Graduation – May 7th
  • Backing the Blue Line Ball – May 18th
  • MPPOA Summer Conference – June 8th-10th
  • Summer Executive Council Meeting – July 9th
  • MSPTA Golf Tournament – July 10th-11th
  • Retired Troopers Day – August 6th
  • Fall Executive Meeting – October 1st

Motion to adjourn on Day Two at 1415.Motion by D2900 Hanson, seconded by South Delegate Miles:  CARRIED


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