PDF Minutes available here.

President LeDoux called day one of the winter meeting on January 5th, 2021 meeting to order at 0808 hours.

President LeDoux called day two of the winter meeting on January 6th, 2021 to order at 0701 hours.

Present were:  President LeDoux, Vice President Beasley, North Braaten, South Theel, Secretary Harjes, Treasurer Berglund, Treasurer-Elect Orpen, 2000 Phillips, 2100 Zynda, 2200 Dellwo, 2300 Veldkamp, 2500 Hansen, 2600 McClure, 2700 Carlson, 2800 Weinrich, 2900 Hanson, 3100 Pearson, 3200 Danielson, Business Manager Baker.

Absent – 2400 Cederstrom

Pledge of Allegiance

Moment of silence for fallen officers

Motion to accept the October minutes:  Motion by 2700 Delegate Carlson, seconded by South Delegate Theel:CARRIED

Treasurer-elect Orpen was sworn into office on January 5th, 2021. Daren Berglund will be retiring in the near future.

Chief’s time:

0730 – January 6th:  Colonel Langer and Lt Col. Schrofer joined the meeting via Microsoft Teams.

Civil unrest issues continue to keep coming up and developing.

We haven’t had much involvement in Line 3 yet. The counties have been managing it as of now and have their hands full. Nothing else new on it.

Regarding the March trials, we’re not sure if the trials will be delayed yet, but once we know we’ll pass it on for planning purposes.

Traffic safety was a mess last year. Fatal crashes are up in the state, and the number one item that all of us have seen are excessive speeds during the COVID pandemic. We secured some internal funds for overtime to get out in front of this traffic safety issue at the start of 2021. There will be some additional federal funds coming throughout the year as well. There has also been legislative interest in the speed issues on our roadways. There are plenty of prosecutors not doing their job. District Captains are having conversations with the prosecutors in their district to make sure they support the work we do.

Background packets will be coming to CHQ soon. The Colonel is always excited and anxious at the same time to read those background packets. He really appreciates all the backgrounders that stepped up to the plate to get these done in the timeframe needed.

Legislatively, we have three priorities. The first is some school bus cleanup language by getting rid of some old rules and putting things in the law. We have two budget priorities. The first is to secure funding to provide a budget supplement to cover the impact of the 8.4% pay increase so we can have an academy in 2022. We’re also looking for some carryover language to help allow some funds to go beyond June 30th of this year.

Body cameras will probably come up at the legislative session this year. I’m an advocate for them. Budget is a major factor, and we need an appropriation to make it happen.

Questions for the Chief

3200: No questions.

3100: I have heard some issues with the new EAP vendor such as lack of responses, Troopers getting the run around and the vendor not getting back to them in a timely fashion.
CHQ: I appreciate that feedback. I believe there have been a couple of hiccups but will pass the concern on to Major Huettl. If there’s anything specific those Troopers are willing to share with me, I would love to hear about it.

2900: In regard to Everbridge callouts and cancellations to keep it on the radar as a discussion point and future contract negotiations.

2800: No questions

2700: Is there any additional thought on smartphones.
CHQ: We implemented smartphones for members of the SRT as a result of a debrief from the Albert Lea critical incident, but it is a significant expense to deploy agency wide. It is on the list of things.

2700: I’d just like to keep jump packs on the radar.
CHQ: I appreciate the comments and have read the comments from the equipment committee.

2600: No questions.

2500: Is there a possibility of keeping the pilots up later on the weekend? Most weekends they are finishing up around 0300 hours.
CHQ: There have been no budget restrictions in the flight section. I will pass this on to Major Erickson to follow up with the Flight Section.

2500: Is there any talk about changing stop stick use, when flight is overhead, to allow use of the stop sticks?
CHQ: I’m not interested in changing the policy perspective at this time. I’ve got attorneys advising us to be careful of that along with some legitimate legal concerns. That may change in the future, but not now. Pursuits are still up through the roof across the country. I do appreciate everyone’s adherence to the policy and good decision making.

2400: No questions.

2300: Is there a plan to compensate time for plans that change or are cancelled due to continued MRT deployments/cancellations?
CHQ: I don’t know how we would enter into a phase for when we would compensation if a deployment was changed or canceled. All I can do is express my gratitude for the commitment everyone has made.
South follow-up: Is there a way that if an event is cancelled, the Trooper can still be utilized for a speed enforcement project instead of being sent home with cancelled plans?
CHQ: I don’t know if we’re in a budgetary position to have this happen right now.

2200: If a backgrounder missed something in a background investigation, would the backgrounder be at fault if something was missed or overlooked due to the limited timeframe to conduct them?
CHQ: I trust that out backgrounders did their absolute best with their work and if there were issues it would have been brought to the background Lieutenant. We were thrown many curveballs this year, and I have no concern about that issue. I don’t recall anyone has been disciplined for conducting an inferior background in the past.
VP Follow-up: I would encourage us to go back to a normal schedule for the next hiring process to allow the job to be done without a compressed timeline.
CHQ: We also need more backgrounders. It would be helpful to the process if more people in our agency would show interest in being a backgrounder.

2100: The issued neck gaiter falls apart quickly and is of poor quality.
CHQ: I’ll take this to Lt Danley to continue to work with WSI on the item.

2000: Regarding COVID shots, is there an idea of a timeline for those?
CHQ: We will hopefully learn more information this week. We follow the rules with the state guidelines. We’re waiting on the plan right now and we’ll get the information out as soon as we have it.

2000: There is concern over the private vendor for the physical fitness program in the academy. I hope for the second academy we can explore the option of having a certified Trooper leading the physical fitness instead of having an outside vendor.
CHQ: It was a good time to try an external vendor with expertise in physical fitness. If I didn’t think it was going to work, I wouldn’t do it. There will be a variety of approaches to fitness with this vendor and having multiple instructors available. This is a specifically for the afternoon physical fitness program and the vendor’s involvement will only be with that. No decision has been made yet for the second academy, and we’ll see how this academy goes with the approach.

North: Is there any MMB compensation study updates?
CHQ: I have not received any information from the MMB compensation study.

South: A few years ago, in the equipment committee, we were given heated windshield wipers to test. They were fantastic during crashes in snowstorms and icy weather for keeping the windows clear.
CHQ: On an equipment side note, the Class C (Tactical) uniform has been ordered. They will only be used when authorized.

South: If the trials get pushed back, will the vacation restriction be lifted?
CHQ: As soon as we know more, we’ll look at it.

Secretary: No questions

Treasurer: Whatever happened to the ongoing academy funding? Has there been any work to get that funding back?
CHQ: It’s an urban legend that the ongoing 4.5 million academy funding had a sunset. Our base budget was never increased by the legislature, so that ongoing money has been eaten up with base budget increases and the 8.4% increase in Trooper pay. We’re fighting to find the money to pay for 8.4% after this year.

Treasurer: Did you have any firm numbers on what we’ll see in this year’s academies?
CHQ: As many as we can get. I think we’ll be in a budget position to hire everyone that makes it through the process.
President follow-up: The MSPTA will remain supportive of any efforts down at the legislature this year that share a mutually beneficial result for the agency and our members.

Vice-President: With the continued recruitment challenges and additional challenges in the housing market, I’m asking to see if CHQ would consider increasing residency requirement mileage by an additional 5 miles to assist with these challenges.

Vice-President: Regarding COVID family leave, are Troopers being blanket denied? My concern is the Trooper being forced to stay home and use their own sick time in the event of a COVID related situation that would negatively impact the Trooper. They are staying home regardless, since there is no other option due to the child’s exposure to COVID; it would be in the best interest of the employee to grant this leave.
CHQ: School & COVID Family Leave has been blanket denied. It is because we are considered a priority 1. We’ve offered scheduled changes for those impacted and that offer is usually declined.
2300 Follow-up: If my spouse tested positive for COVID, and I don’t want to spread it, as I understand it, I shouldn’t come to work.
CHQ: Let’s take this to an offline discussion to talk about this.

President: Regarding the memo of understanding on the ERI (Early Retirement Incentive) $20,000, do we have any intention to accept that MOU at our agency?
CHQ: I don’t know. That decision will rest with the commissioner. It doesn’t seem to me very many people would be interested in that unless they were planning on retiring anyway.
President follow-up: I would agree.
CHQ follow-up: The Commissioner’s office is aware that members are interested in a Yes/no answer on the early retirement option.

President: Colonel, will we receive the advanced training that the DNR apparently received on Mobile Field Force tactics? (referring to a recent Outdoor News article regarding Conservation Officer Pay)

Presidents Time

  • Todd Zynda & Darcy Weinrich named to MLEA Negotiations Team since last time we met as a board.
  • Supervisor’s pay lawsuit is still active against the state

Motion to have a 3rd board member attend the National Trooper Coalition conference in April: Motion by 2500 Delegate Hanson, seconded by 2000 Delegate Phillips: CARRIED


  • Recap of the grievance regarding the 8.4% increase and the outcome for those impacted with specialty pay.
  • The Freeway Trooper pay issue remains unresolved Troopers have still not resolved as of yet and the MSPTA position is that the 2.6% should be based on the new rate of 30.04. All other pay inequities were resolved regarding the increase.

MMB interpretation: As required by the law, the salary for all troopers was increased by 8.4%, and all differentials in the MLEA contract that were specifically based upon an employee’s rate were also increased by 8.4%. 

Freeway Trooper pay is specifically tied to a step in the contract:  “2.6% above the current Trooper rate, range 6H, Step A, rounded to the nearest cent.”  Since the contract did not change, Freeway Trooper pay remains as 2.6% above the current Trooper rate at range 6H, Step A.

Internal Affairs

Update provided by President LeDoux to the board.

Critical Incidents

#1 rule – Always follow the advice of your attorney from LDF.


  • Nothing new to report with 2021 events

Charitable Donations

Motion to donate the following amounts to the listed organizations. Motion by South Delegate Theel, seconded by 2000 Delegate Phillips: CARRIED

  • $4,000 donation to the House of Shields.
  • $2,500 donation in the Backing the Blue Line Ball in 2021.
  • $2,200 donation Wishes & More (previously approved)
  • $1,500 donation to the Legionville School Safety Crossing School.
  • $1,000 donation to Alexandria Technical College.
  • $1,000 donation to the Daniel Drevnick Scholarship Fund.
  • $500 donation to the Ted Foss Golf Tournament.
  • $500 donation to the Tim Bowe Golf Tournament.
  • $500 donation to the Bears that Care program.
  • $150 donation to the MN 100 Club.

Motion to provide a $10 Caribou Gift Card to all State Patrol dispatchers during the National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Motion by 2900 Delegate Hanson, seconded by 2000 Delegate Phillips. CARRIED

Motion to donate $250 to MN Law Enforcement United. Motion by 2100 Delegate Zynda, seconded by North Delegate Braaten. CARRIED

Treasurers report:

Treasurer Berglund presented the budget report to the board.

Motion to accept the budget report. Motion by 2900 Delegate Hanson, seconded by 2700 Delegate Carlson:  CARRIED

Treasurer-elect Orpen was sworn in after Treasurer Berglund presented the report.


  • Recap of magazine process for new delegates.
  • Board members asked to submit biographies for the magazine.


Very good news with the stock market coming back in 2020. Things are moving well and towards plan goals.

The Minnesota Legislative Commission on Pension and Retirement has begun looking at 1% cost of living adjustments in retirement because they struggle to keep up with inflation.

Reminder for all members to earn your $400 deferred comp match every year by putting in at least $400 into your deferred comp by June 30th.

No planned changes to contribution rates for employees which is currently set at 15.4 for employees and 28.10 for employers in the State Patrol Plan.

Equipment Committee:

  • New Cold weather hats available in warehouse
  • New squad lighting packages being rolled out (will sync light pattern with other equipped MSP squads)
  • Encrypted radio transition – The pilot project starts in 2500 soon, will go statewide in February, and hopefully done in March.
  • PowerFlare pilot project (electronic flares) – not effective during the day, not recommended
  • Regarding mobile field force buses, inspections and repairs being made.
  • Winter riot gear items were ordered
    • Hand and foot warmers available through the warehouse
  • Class C (tactical uniform) project still being worked on, items ordered
  • The neck gaiter quality is poor, bringing back to the vendor
  • Contract with Spiewak ends in June. Will reopen for bidding again this year.
    • Document any issues with the Spiewak gear in the meantime and pass to your Lt to pass to Lt Danley.
  • Jump packs and pistol lights – follow up to come in the future.

Legislative Committee:

Negotiations Committee:

  • Mediation scheduled for February 3rd, 2021 with MLEA regarding our contract.
  • Legislative audit compensation study will be transmitted no later than January 15th to the transportation committee members. Will be available to us shortly thereafter.
  • No update on the MMB compensation study.

Home Association:

  • Voting bylaw discussion
    • Discussion on updating voting bylaws and further modernizing language
    • Will bring additional adjustments to the April meeting.
  • Joint Labor Management (JLM) update
    • 300 points needed in 2021 for the $70 off deductible benefit.
    • Point structure was changed into 25-point increments for simplicity.
    • Allowing users to repeat some challenges/programs to earn points.
  • MSPTA Mobile app update
    • Close to being released to test to board members.
    • Will include meeting minutes, address update, delegate contact information, an event calendar, and access to previous newsletters.

New Business:

3200: None

3100: If you’re staying home with you sick kids, it’s in your best interest to let your supervisor know that reason. MMB Sick Leave Policy: https://mn.gov/mmb/assets/1337-sick-leave_tcm1059-124681.pdf

3100: For those that use Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance, they have zero copays and no money out of pocket if you use the Doctor on Demand app (https://www.doctorondemand.com).  I’ve used it a few times for sick kids and have actually been fairly impressed with it.  If an employee requires a letter for the supervisor, you can meet with a doctor for many ailments, they can prescribe many common medications at your local pharmacy, and they will provide you with a letter for your supervisor.

3100: Question regarding a floating holiday being planned and then being forced to work.
President follow-up: Communicate with your members to bring these issues up immediately to their delegate, instead of down the road. We can’t do anything to fix issues if it’s beyond the allowed timeframe.

2900: Non-sworn CVIs may attempt legislation to add their job role to 299D to have the statutory authority to stop commercial motor vehicles again.

2800: None

2700: None

2600: Discussion on overtime rules in a holiday pay situation with regards to forced work on a holiday.

2500: None

2400: None

2300: None

2200: None

2100: None

2000: Discussion on the drive time issue with Technical Sergeants working in TDS and ISS and discussion over other drive time inconsistencies around the state.

North: Motion to create a rule regarding any unexpected expense that comes up, that cannot wait until the next Executive Board Meeting, the Budget Committee shall have a limit of $1000 to approve any expenditures. If an unexpected expenditure will exceed that dollar amount, it shall be brought to the entire board for the expense approval. Motion by North Delegate Braaten, seconded by 2100 Delegate Zynda. CARRIED

North: Motion to make a $250 hardship donation to Joe Vallie (RCO) and a $250 hardship donation to Bill Hoium (RCO). Motion by North Delegate Braaten, seconded by 2900 Delegate Hanson. CARRIED

South: None

V.P.: None

Secretary: We purchased a PO Box for public facing mailing address information for the association. The address is MN State Patrol Troopers Association, PO Box 23, Zimmerman, MN 55398. Secretary will manage the box.

Treasurer: None

President: Discussion on the State Patrol MPPOA board seat replacement.

Motion to adjourn on January 5th at 1602 hours. Motion by 2700 Delegate Carlson, seconded by 2000 Delegate Phillips:  CARRIED

Motion to adjourn on January 6th at 1230 hours. Motion by 2900 Delegate Hanson, seconded by South Delegate Theel:  CARRIED

Upcoming Dates:

  • MPPOA Legislative Conference Zoom Meeting – February 28th – March 1st, 2021 – Unknown if occurring
  • Spring Executive Council Meeting – April 6th, 2021 – St. Cloud, MN
  • Wishes & More – April 10th, 2021 – Minneapolis, MN
    • Beasley, Orpen, Phillips, Pearson & Harjes will be attending.
  • National Troopers Coalition Conference – April 25th-28th, 2021 – Branson, MO
    • President LeDoux, VP Beasley & Delegate Zynda will be attending.
  • Backing the Blue Line Ball – May 22nd, 2021 – Minneapolis, MN
    • Phillips, Carlson & Pearson will be attending.
  • Summer MPPOA Convention – June 12th-14th, 2021 – Alexandria, MN – Unknown if occurring
  • Summer Executive Council Meeting – July 13th, 2021 – Tower, MN
  • MSPTA Golf Tournament – July 14th-15th, 2021 – Tower, MN
  • Retired Troopers Day – August 3rd, 2021 – St. Cloud, MN
  • Fall Executive Council Meeting – October 5th, 2021 – St. Cloud, MN




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