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President Dellwo called the October 2nd, 2018 meeting to order at 0805 hours.

Present were: President Dellwo, Vice President LeDoux, North Braaten, South Miles, Secretary Harjes, Treasurer Berglund, 2100 Zynda, 2200 Dellwo (Alternate), 2300 Larsen, 2400 Olson (Alternate), 2500 Fredell, 2600 Beasley, 2700 Carlson, 2800 Olson (Alternate), 2900 Hanson, 3100 Koski, 3200 Danielson, Business Manager Baker.

Motion to accept the July minutes:  Motion by D2000 Grothem, Seconded by D2900 Hanson: CARRIED

Chief’s time:

1000:  Colonel Langer arrived, Lt Colonel Schrofer was absent due to fallen Corrections Officer funeral.

Centralized In-Service has gone well this year. Colonel has been appreciative on the conversation around pursuits during the EVOC Panel time.

Good decisions were made by the troopers involved in the most recent pursuit, but tragically it resulted in three fatalities. However, we are in crisis mode – we are dealing with 3 times the amounts of pursuits than what we were dealing with a handful of years ago. There are pursuits that don’t end in tragedy, but poor decisions, including unlawful driving conduct, are being made during pursuits that violate our lawful authority as State Troopers.

The plan for Centralized In-Service was to talk about pursuits in an open forum during the EVOC Panel time, collect the feedback to help the workgroup, that will meet this fall, be better informed for taking that hard look at our policy. Colonel is advocating to discontinue a pursuit if the risk outweighs the reward. We need to think differently on pursuits and take into account the severity of the crime such as (stolen vehicle, DARs, etc.) versus a violent felony type crime.

President Follow-up: Who picked the workgroup members for this review and what’s the purpose?
CHQ: Command Staff picked workgroup members that will contribute good and bad, and think differently than the Colonel, to add to the workgroup. The point will be to study our policy and adjust if needed.

President Follow-up: Was there a directive from you for there to be no more pursuits state-wide? 2800Troopers apparently were talked to by their supervisors that there will be no more pursuits within city limits in District 2800.
CHQ: No (regarding a directive about no more pursuits). I do have Captain’s conference calls and talk about current issues and walk them through issues. District Captains heard a much blunter message on where we should be today, to keep the conversation alive, as your safety depends on it and our organizational safety depends on it. This isn’t about eroding Trooper discretion; many things are on the table to be discussed and considered.

South Follow-up: I’m not feeling the organizational/Trooper negativity of “I’m calling this pursuit off or terminating a pursuit” in the areas I work and monitor.
CHQ: I appreciate that comment. We’ll be a lot better off with a final policy if we get there together.

South Follow-Up: More realistic PIT training (PIT outfitted trucks, minivans, passenger cars, etc.), instead of just squad car to squad car. 1-hour PowerPoints on an EVOC refresher is worthless during Spring DIST.
CHQ: Cycling through people up at Ripley to get additional training on EVOC, is not out of the question.

The Executive Council has a unique perspective in this organizational change and are leaders in helping making this change across the organization and you with me on this change.

Nothing new to report on for contract negotiations. Colonel has no interest in arbitration. It’s all business and doesn’t take it personally. Colonel has influence in negotiations.

Memo for a temporary Technical Sergeant position coming soon to cover our Recruiter position at TDS due to PPL. Posted on 10/5/18.

Questions for the Chief

3200: No questions.

3100: Internal Affairs Investigation – There is a very short notice for interviews, like the day before, etc. Trooper also still waiting for an IA investigation result from March.
CHQ: Side bar conversation.

2900: Dispatch Staffing Numbers… Very low numbers actually working. 30, full complement of 50. Forced OT, Lack of bathroom breaks, multiple (2+) districts patched to one dispatcher, etc. Could some possible workarounds, be classroom training while background is being conducted, troopers conducting backgrounds, etc.?
CHQ: We can’t hire them until the background is done. HR conducts a different background process. Oddly enough, we are getting applicants from other agencies now. I’d like to see the dispatch centers fully staffed as well. Colonel has come up with a few ideas to do things differently in the future.

2800:Concerned about the wording in the new Workman’s Comp GO that came out and the guidelines of the process.
CHQ: The goal is to triage those simple injuries (Floor Slips, etc) to avoid extra costs of going to Urgent Care/ER. Colonel has not heard if there has been any adverse effects on our members.

2700: District Investigators – Getting on board with the BCA style of evidence storage. Barcode system, scanning, etc. would make life very easy for investigators.
CHQ: Will ask about it.

2600: Any timeline on a replacement for 2600 Captain?
CHQ: Position is open now for interest either laterally or promotion, posting ending on 10/3/18.

2500: Why were MSRS/Hiway Federal Credit Union taken out of CIST?
CHQ: We can’t say you have 4 hours of POST credits, if you spent 1 hour in the hallway talking with either representative during the class. Business decision, you can easily get those resources anytime.

2500: What was the reason for the downtime during CIST on day 2?
CHQ: We’ll talk about that next time. I don’t see a day where we’ll allow you to leave and do personal financial planning (referring to CIST).

2400: New Troopers are leaving agency within the first few years of employment, that look forward to their future, and make decisions based on pay to move to another local agency that pays more than we do.
CHQ: The only way we get there is collective bargaining. The Chief is not standing in the way of us trying to break the pattern settlement. The Chief had a strategy to break the pattern. MLEA had a strategy to break the pattern. The Colonel can’t sit here and say what he has suggested, since it’s not fair to the bargaining process. The Colonel’s greatest fear is nothing happens as a result of an arbitration settlement because it puts us back to square one.
2600 Follow Up: We know that are you working for us, but we are trying to get the message out that you are on our side, but it’s a very difficult message to share. The number one issue I receive questions on is pay.
CHQ: Colonel’s strategy was to get there differently than past bargaining processes have moved forward.
South Follow Up: Do you believe that collective bargaining is truly our way out of this? There’s no discussion with MMB, it’s “Here is what we have for you”.
CHQ: The only other way is to go through the legislative process, outside of the collective bargaining process.
VP Follow Up: One thing we all can do is think outside the box. Educate people in advance and make people aware of what’s happening in our particular labor markets. There will always be things we don’t agree on. I would insist that you testify on our behalf if we go to arbitration.
CHQ: Not opposed to testifying. Colonel has done all he can do regarding the contract. There were things that MMB has said, this will be in the contract, because it’s going into every other contract, but were dropped from proposals.

2400: You mentioned it is critical for supervisors to be involved in the pursuit process. Their job is increasingly administrative, off the road, away from Troopers. Could we benefit from a Street Level Sergeant, that works the road as a mid-point between a Trooper and Lieutenant position as an intermediary supervisor.
CHQ: The current pay compression scale doesn’t allow for a position like this. Having a supervisor on all the time in the Metro is critical now due to the current situation. Conversations between 2400 and 2500 have looked at ideas at how to accomplish this.
North Follow-up: Little to no supervision in those out of metro districts, why is the compression scale an issue, when we already have an 8% Tech Sergeant position? Make a 6% position, etc.
CHQ: Not opposed to having a sidebar on it.
VP Follow up: Great advantage to you and command staff to get people to jump up to an intermediary step, and to see what they would be like as a supervisor and coach them along the way.
CHQ: I don’t disagree with anything brought up.

2400: The quality of the 360 Degree Assessment / CPI 260 for Captains and some Lieutenants. Some people have been promoted, not very good people skills, etc.
CHQ: We can do a 360 Degree Assessment and find out a person’s communication skills are horrible – but what are we going to do with that? Leadership Assessment and Development program was meant to take those results and improve areas that are in need. Where do we need to improve? Troopers shouldn’t be the only ones that are honestly evaluated in the organization. Agency is working on supervisors and above for honest evaluation systems, and then a plan on how do we help develop these supervisors? It would be cool to have a peer component in Trooper evaluations as well. Colonel was happy to see so many people volunteer in this development program when it was offered.

2300: Any idea on how many people left our agency for other departments?
CHQ: I don’t recall what was in the request made earlier this year, I do not have those numbers with me. Colonel speaks to everyone that leaves. Not one person has told the Colonel they have left due to pay.

2200: No Questions.

2100: Local agencies and members within our own agency are referring to our agency staffing. Have we ever looked at what our staffing levels should be currently, in the past, for the future, etc. in an official study.
CHQ: Not opposed to it, but the issue is finding the right time for a study like that. The Chief looks more at what are we missing in districts, such as 24/7 coverage. The state is in the midst of a huge administrative change with elections coming up. Now isn’t the right time for that study.
South follow up:
Have you seen the recent Michigan Resource Allocation Model study?
CHQ: I have not yet.

2000: District 2000 members were never put into summerDistrict visit schedule.
CHQ: The intent was to see when the Chief was coming and be able to join in those sessions in their areas.

2000: Pilot staffing situation and something that needs to be addressed with it. Suggested ideas on creating a position to get people in the pipeline for pilot staffing such as a TFO. We’ve come to the point in time where these aviation assets we have are valuable tools and should be used on a more regular basis.
CHQ: Doesn’t disagree with anything said.

North:Is it possible to eliminate IA investigations that tack on small complaints, creating additional stress and anxiety for Troopers. For example, there is one event and multiple charges tacked on from the event.
CHQ: Rights cannot be violated. There are times when something could be viewed as a performance issue.

South: It would benefit our agency greatly to look at doing a study for long term numbers planning. Recently, the Resource Allocation Model just happened in Michigan. If we want to grow and get better, it would give us a goal to reach for a long-term strategy.
CHQ: I appreciate that comment.

Secretary: Would you be able to commit a small Honor Guard detail to Retired Troopers Day next August at our new location? We’d like to make the event bigger and better, and this would be a good way to get some more involvement in the event.
CHQ: Yea, let’s talk about that. Is there an opportunity to make the event bigger for 90thanniversary?
Vice President follow up:We should use the 90thanniversary as an opportunity to show the public the good things we do and promote the agency.
CHQ: I’d like to form a small group of interested people to look at options we could do for the 90thanniversary.

Secretary: With our 90thAnniversary approaching, and new 20 Dodge Chargers hitting the streets, is it possible to have a special graphics package on those cars?
CHQ: We should talk more about plans for the 90th.

Treasurer: No Questions

Vice-President: No Questions

President: No Questions

Chief’s Time Ended

Presidents Time

NTC Update: Most beneficial part – Conversation that takes place between presidents, and breakout sessions with Northern Partners.

  • Consumer Price Index to Wage Increases– Indiana
  • Kansas just graduated their largest academy ever
  • Missouri – Pro Law Enforcement Movie – Bleeding Blue
  • NTC would like to play a bigger role in national politics. We pay $3.5/per year per Trooper. Would like to go up to $4.00.

Motion by D2400 Olson to raise NTC membership payment to $4/per year per Trooper from $3.50, seconded by D2000 Grothem. CARRIED

Richard Muldeen (NTC Attorney) talked about Janus vs AFSCME. There are no fair share people. They are members or non-members. We do not have any non-members. Many state associations have looked at their bylaws and started to modify them, looking at how they deal with non-members.

Duty of fair representation issue. Most attorneys would say “yes” we have to represent during an IA investigation and basically listen to the investigation, but if an attorney would be brought it, the non-member would have to pay for those attorney’s fees. The dust has not settled on this issue however.

Charitable Donations

  • 1 Current Trooper received money from the hardship fund
  • Brian Gaddis Family – $100 donation to Give Kids the World Fund in Kaitlynn’s honor.
  • DNR Conservation Officer Kyle Quittschreiber – Floral arrangement sent to family
  • State Patrol Flower Fund – MSPSA/MSPTA funds this and contributed to the fund twice this year.
  • Thank you letter from MPPOA for donation towards the children’s fishing contest over the summer.

Treasurers report

Treasurer Berglund present budget report. Funds doing well, looking at moving to higher return CDs.

Sletten Family $1070.00 donation to MSPTA is earmarked towards classic car fund.

Motion to approve Treasurers Report by D2900 Hanson, seconded by South Delegate Miles. CARRIED


Mark continues to solicit Ideas for magazine – We will be promoting the items that the MSPTA does for membership on a daily basis early on in future magazines. Considering having a page with District Delegate photos. Send ideas to Mark.

Considering having magazine publisher owner come introduce himself at January meeting in Duluth.

January 1 is the deadline for winter magazine articles. Submit to Mark Baker.

Grievance: Temporary District Investigator assigned before July 1 not receiving the full reimbursement for uniform allowance ($550). State did not pay full allowance amount for person doing the duties of the job. Currently on Step 3. Will push it all the way as it’s not right.


The rate of return for the pension fund was 10.3% for the last fiscal year. The fiscal year for the State Board of Investments is July 1st2017 –June 30th2018

MSRS will be increasing the cost associated with the Joint/Survivor benefits available upon retirement. The increase is a result of the drop in the assumed rate of return from 8% to 7.5% and new mortality assumptions. The increase in cost for a retiree 55 years old with a spouse age 55 will be approximately 1.6% for every $1000 received in pension benefit. MSRS intends to implement these changes over a 24 month period.  It is recommended that you contact MSRS if you plan on retiring within the next 24 months for additional information on these changes.

Equipment Committee:

  • External Vests still being followed up on for District Investigators
  • More IBIS units order (20-25)
  • New winter hats coming, fleece lining
  • Cell Phones should be out in all districts
  • More Portable Radios coming
  • LTI Lasers – probably going to stick with ProLaser 4
  • Not doing any dual tint meters
  • 2019 Fords ordered – 212 vehicles ordered
  • 20 Dodge Chargers will be ordered once contract issues resolved (AWD V8s – late winter, early spring)
  • 30-35 more Stalker
  • More low-profile smoke lightbars ordered
  • New civilian fleet replacement person finally hired (to replace Lisa)
  • Will be sticking with EATI for vehicle conversions, issue right now is getting out the squads quick enough
  • Very few squads not coming with LED spotlight, Ford will be delivering the cars with the LED light now.
  • Considering a one device fits all (iPhone)
  • PBT – Not going away from the Alco-Sensor 4 – some are aging.
  • New rifle locks coming out within a year or two.
  • Flashlights are a dead issue – if you want a small belt one – buy your own.

Legislative Committee:

Met with Senator Clausen (Apple Valley). He contacted us. They were able to get DWI loopholes closed this past session. His goal is to close current loophole that DNR CO’s cannot make DWI arrests on highways in vehicles, outside of the DNR realm of enforcement (boats, snowmobiles, ATV’s, etc.)

Still want to prevent triples and longer trucks from being allowed in the state.

Critical Incident:

St. Cloud Trooper involved in shooting. Suspect shot Stearn’s County Deputy with arrow. Officers on scene opened fire on suspect. Handled very well, multiple delegates were able to support the Trooper.

POST Board Update

Activist group continually shows up to scheduled meetings. They continually make it known that they don’t want any law enforcement agency within the State to attend Warrior Mindset training. POST Board has no authority to make that rule.

Mark Fahning was allowed to finish his term on the POST Board by the State Attorney General.

Negotiations Committee:

Negotiations team is trying and has tried very different methods during this negotiations process.

Q&A with Negotiations Team

  • What about binding arbitration?
    • You can’t negotiate the state into debt. The state is not in debt right now during this cycle.
  • Now that the contract issues are certified, can they be discussed yet?
    • Not yet –hesitant to discuss the exact issues at this time.

All state agencies in MLEA agreed NOTto accept the pattern settlement (State Patrol, DNR, Commerce, Gambling, BCA, etc. “Vote was 13-0”)

Current Negotiations Timeline: We could still settle at any time before our day in court. Both state and our attorney have certified the issues, and need to pick an arbitrator before a date is chosen. Each side gets three strikes on picks for an arbitrator. If they can’t get into agreement on an arbitrator, it’s a draw from a hat essentially. Once a date is picked, 30 days is allowed after testimony for a decision to be made. Arbitrators can ask for extensions after testimony is heard.

MPPOA Update:

President Dellwo attended a meeting with the large police union presidents was held in July

MPPOA can only change their Bylaws during the summer meeting to fix the fair representation issue from the Janus decision

MPPOA Political Endorsements did not come through the primaries.
Public Safety Matters Campaign – Not an issue anymore – not doing anything with it now.

Home Association:

D2500 Fredell and Secretary Harjes will conduct bylaw change research and comparison for next meeting in regards to fair share Janus decision.

Mailing List Communication – Flawed system to communicate to members through district delegate. Untimely communication to district members. Service purchased, and next communication will be done using it.

Two mug types and designs presented. Tabled until January meeting.

Motion by D2600 to purchase year subscription to ConstantContact e-mail service for $378, seconded by South Delegate.CARRIED

Will continue to purchase pocket calendars for 2019.

Bears the Care torch was passed on to Lisa Lorenzen in 2500 from Delegate Fredell.

New Business:

3200: None

3100: None

2900: None

2800: None

2700: None

2600: A question came up on some of the “Thank You” letters in the magazine.
President: MSPTA goes to 4 political fundraiser breakfasts a year. Lobbyist sets up meetings with members from both parties, House and Senate, and we are very balanced in our interactions. We have veto power to not give a donation to attending candidates. Breakfast is usually done with these senators and legislatures to talk about issues and usually happens very quick. We’re not telling Troopers to vote for these people, it’s simply a Thank You letter we’ve received. Not all legislators send Thank You letters to us.

2600: Can we send Trooper magazine issues directly to District Offices?
We’ll continue having the delegates drop off a copy at the District Office.

2500: None

2400: None

2300: None

2200: None

2100: None

2000: Shift differential language given away back in the 70’s. Why is it still in the contract?
VP: We’ve never looked at removing it. I suspect it was left in the contract to explain why we don’t get the differential.

North: None

South: Went over health insurance increase numbers that go up Jan 2019, Single Health Coverage $0.94/Family $6.46, Dental Coverage Single $8.50/Family $13.86. If you have a member in your district that was injured, billed extremely high, out of network charges, etc., refer them to South Delegate Pat Miles as a resource to help work through the issue.

V.P.: None

Secretary: None

Treasurer: None

President: No dental coverage for disability medical outs – Not covered due to state statute, nothing the Colonel or MSPTA can do right now with it. It would be a massive uphill battle to change state statute.  We can discuss this issue with legislators when the session starts in January but we cannot have too many issues you’re focusing on at the Capitol.

Motion to adjourn at 1545 hours. Motion by D2400 Olson, seconded by D2700 Carlson Miles:  CARRIED

Upcoming Dates:

  • Will Aitchison Presentation – October 9th– Vadnais Heights
  • Winter Executive Meeting – January 8th& 9th– Duluth
  • NTC Spring – April 1-3 – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Spring Executive Meeting – April 9th– St Cloud
  • Summer Executive Meeting – July 9 – Location TBD
  • Retired Troopers Day – August 6th– St. Cloud
  • NTC Fall – Sept 23-25 – Mackinaw Island, MI
  • Fall Executive Meeting – October 1st– St. Cloud



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